Increased potency in men after 40 years

Men of all ages want their sexual lust to last a long time. But nowadays there can be many factors that predispose to rapid aging and loss of male strength. These factors include: environmental pollution, physical and mental stress, economic instability. Even a man can have potency problems that have hit their pride, and he is looking for ways to keep his erection alive. In mature men, questions are often asked - how to increase potency after the age of 40? To do this, you need to find out why intimate desire disappears and why a man can not achieve it, as well as remove the reasons that affect the reproductive system.

a man after 40 years and an increase in potency

At what age does potency decrease in men?

Potency and age are interrelated. Depending on the condition of the body, potency already begins to decline at the age of 30 years. Potency in men over the age of 60 may persist, slightly lose function, or fully develop impotence.

The main reasons that affect the reduction of potency

In men over the age of 40, the main and obvious reason for the decrease in potency is the low level of hormones in the blood of the reproductive system - testosterone. Scientists have proven that testosterone levels directly affect sexual desire. The higher the indicator, the higher the sexual activity of men. After forty years in men, hormone levels begin to decline, and by the age of 60-70, one-fifth of it is lost. Due to the lack of testosterone, not only does libido decrease, but it can also cause many disorders in the body: reduced performance, immunity and problems with the heart and blood vessels.

In this case, special drugs are prescribed to increase testosterone.

The following factors also affect a man's strength:

  • Smoking and alcohol. Male potency weakens with frequent use of alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes.
  • Nervous shocks, stress. These phenomena can disrupt potency even in those men who lead an extremely healthy lifestyle - proper nutrition, sports. Stress is always a stimulus for the development of any pathology in the body; in men, the reproductive system is primarily compromised.
  • Malnutrition. If nutrients are not taken into the body in sufficient quantities, it will affect the functioning of the male sexual organs. Selenium, zinc, vitamins B, C, tocopherol and ascorbic acid are useful for men's health.
  • Lack or lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to stagnation of blood flow in the genitals, as a result of which not only impotence but also prostate disease can develop.
  • Genetic predisposition. Many diseases, including reduced potency, can be inherited. If the father had such a phenomenon, it is more likely to be passed on to the son.

Another factor in reducing male potency after the age of 40 is vasoconstriction. Over time, the vessels lose their elasticity and the blood in them moves more slowly. This, in turn, slows blood flow to the genitals.

Ways to increase potency after 40 years

food products to increase potency after 40

You can restore potency to the elderly in the following ways:

  • Eat a balanced diet. Food plays an important role in the functional development of the body. It must contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements for men's health. The body should receive a daily dose of zinc, selenium, iron, vitamins B, C, E, as well as folic acid.
  • The level of testosterone in the blood should be increased, which affects sexual desire. Hormone levels can be increased by medication or by focusing on foods that increase it. These products include seafood, fresh herbs, citrus fruits, dairy products. It also helps increase potency in men after the age of 60.
  • Remove excess pounds. Being overweight causes a decrease in testosterone, and increases the value of female hormones - estrogen. An excess of such hormones not only impairs erectile function, but also worsens the general condition of the stronger sex. Being overweight causes cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, which are also factors in lowering libido.
  • Refuse consuming alcoholic beverages, taking drugs and smoking. Scientists and experts have long proven that with age, bad habits significantly reduce the quality of life and negatively affect potency. And if you get rid of them forever, you can improve your sex life.
  • Exercise actively. A man who leads a predominantly sedentary lifestyle is more prone to potency problems. But if you are forced to take a sitting position for a long time due to the type of activity, a Kegel exercise that trains the pubic-occipital muscle can help you. The good thing about this exercise is that it is not difficult because it can be performed in a sitting position. This recommendation is relevant for increasing potency in men after 40.
  • Erectile dysfunction occurs against the background of psychological stress and anxiety. They can express themselves in the form of unsuccessful sexual intercourse, insecurity in their sexual abilities and other moments. In any case, it is necessary to get rid of and solve sexual complexes, if not on their own, then seek the help of a specialist (psychotherapist, sex therapist).
  • Avoid worries and depression for long periods of time. Try to avoid stressful situations. If the body is constantly in tension, then there is a malfunction in the hollow system in men.
  • One should rest well at night. A night’s sleep should be at least eight hours.

In order to increase sexual desire, this issue must be approached comprehensively. Then the problem will be solved and the result of the therapy will be positive. To increase potency to 60, among other things, it is necessary to cure chronic diseases.

Increasing potency with the help of drugs

The most effective increase in potency in men after the age of 60 is with the help of medication. There are many drugs on the market designed to restore an erection of the stronger sex. The principle of action of drugs of this category lies in the dilation of blood vessels of the genital organ and there is an increase in blood flow to the entire reproductive system, which leads to an erection. Now even men in their 70s know how to improve potency.

It is worth noting that these funds are strictly prescribed by experts after a certain examination, because all drugs can have side effects, especially in men who increase potency after 60 years. The most common of these phenomena are dizziness, high blood pressure and the appearance of feelings of nausea.

Lately, such drugs have been in high demand among the male population. But here we must take into account the fact that in the presence of problems with the heart and blood vessels, the use of these stimulants can harm the body, especially when restoring potency after 60 years.

Medications will not do much harm to the body, however, they do not aim to treat the cause, but to suppress the symptoms. Therefore, if there is an improvement in potency, the factors of its reduction will still exist.