Pain from excessive arousal

Often a man feels sharp pain in the testicles after arousal, sometimes reaching to the scrotum. This does not always mean something terrible - the reasons can be completely harmless. Prolonged abstinence or prolonged anxiety often causes discomfort. For full insurance, it is better to visit a doctor at the first sign. Well, in this article you will find out what kind of problem it is, why it manifests and how to deal with it yourself.

What is this problem?

We feel sexually aroused because our body responds to external stimuli. Such a feeling is equated with a state of stress: a person begins to breathe more often, his heart rate speeds up, blood vessels and pupils dilate, blood pressure rises sharply, muscles tense and behavior changes completely.

The main sign of male sexual arousal is an erection. It occurs as a result of irritation of nerve impulses in the lumbar spinal cord. The bulbocavernosus muscle tenses under their influence. At this time, the pituitary gland begins to produce intense testosterone, under the influence of which blood flows abundantly into the corpora cavernosa. As a result of these processes, the penis swells and increases in size. If the cavernous bodies are filled with blood in large quantities, then the venous vessels begin to constrict, and this leads to blood stagnation, erection.

All processes in the body return to normal after ejaculation. The outflow of venous blood is completely restored, the muscle of the bulbocavernosus relaxes. But ejaculation may not happen, but the erection will remain. At the same time, the pressure in the testicles and corpora cavernosa will not subside. Thus a male problem is manifested, in connection with which the testicles and lower abdomen ache from excessive arousal.

Testicular pain in men after arousal


Sperm and the hormone testosterone are produced in the testicles. They affect a man's appearance, his ability to conceive a child. If the testicles become sore after arousal, then it is necessary to immediately recognize the cause, and then deal with its removal.

This must be done after a visit to the doctor. An andrologist palpates the external organs of the reproductive system. If everything is normal, then both testicles - oval, elastic, elastic - are in the scrotum, they do not hurt when touched. Also, under normal conditions, a man does not feel pain in the groin, penis, testicles and lower abdomen during sex. Sperm can be milky white, transparent or grayish in color, liquid and naturally fragrant. Stable erectile function, normal potency, physical and psychological readiness for sex also indicate a healthy state of the reproductive system.

If the condition of the man has deviations from the standard, then the doctor prescribes apparatus and laboratory examinations to identify the causes, to quickly rule out all pathologies. There can be three reasons - age changes, psychological barriers, pathology.

Age characteristics

Instant ejaculation, testicular pain during arousal are most common in young people, and it is caused by an unstable hormonal system. In adolescents, puberty begins, testosterone levels jump too often, resulting in increased blood flow to the corpora cavernosa. When testosterone drops sharply and blood stays in the penis, sexual arousal occurs.

Psychological barriers

Mature men are caught unprepared by psychological problems. An overactive lifestyle, regular overwork, stress, problems in the family and at work occupy all the thoughts of a man, even during intimacy. Constant obsession with problems changes the work of the brain, disrupts the formation and transmission of nerve impulses that are responsible for erection, ejaculation. This causes rapid ejaculation.

Adolescents may also have psychological problems that affect sexual dysfunction. Little experience, excessive arousal before the first sex leads to rapid ejaculation.

In addition to arousal, testicular pain can also occur due to prolonged abstinence, lack of regular sexual contact, longing for a partner and a strong desire to please her. You can finish quickly due to hard physical effort, exhausting work.

Pathological processes

We have discovered two reasons why the testicles hurt from excessive arousal - getting rid of them is quite simple and fast, they are harmless in nature. Which cannot be said about pathological changes in the body. Their reasons include:

  • inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis);
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • varicocele;
  • genital trauma;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • urinary tract diseases (cystitis, urethritis, renal dysfunction);
  • pituitary tumor;
  • nervous system pathology;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • vesiculitis.


Sexual arousal in men is felt by pain and discomfort in:

  • penis;
  • lower abdomen (more like a pull);
  • the back of the head;
  • scrotum (along with a feeling of heaviness and skin rash).

Mild bouts of nausea, dizziness due to interruption in the body's supply of the body may occur. Prolonged sexual abstinence is usually accompanied by a depressed state, depressed mood and rapid fatigue.

With constant abstinence, frequent erections, lack of ejaculation, a serious clinical picture develops:

  • Burning and sharp pain occur when the testicles touch, descend down the abdomen, to the small pelvis.
  • Seals are found by careful palpation of the scrotum.
  • The size of the testicles is not stable, the asymmetry is pronounced.
  • Sharp pain in the groin area, intensifies during walking and during physical exertion.

By no means should the pain of excessive arousal be tolerated, as this disrupts sperm synthesis and testosterone production. Hormonal balance is disturbed, problems with erection and reproductive function appear - impotence and infertility gradually develop.

Why is there pain when you are awake?

Testicular pain in men with abstinence can be short-term and long-term, as well as of varying intensity. It is mostly a natural physiological process. During sexual arousal in the spinal cord of a man, the nerve endings responsible for the erectile function of the body are irritated. In this regard, the hormone testosterone begins to enter the bloodstream intensively, and the vessels dilate. Abundance of blood leads to rapid filling of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, it expands and enlarges.

With the long absence of sex in a man's life, the veins of the small pelvis thicken, becoming less elastic. Along with the large blood flow, with excitement pressing on the testicular membrane, a pain syndrome appears. It usually disappears a few hours after intercourse with ejaculation.

Pain in the testicles when agitated can occur due to too much semen. In the human body, the exchange of fluids must work constantly: semen and semen fluids must be constantly excreted from the body. Otherwise, the male secretion will press against the walls of the testicles, which will cause the scrotum to ache and tingling to descend down the abdomen.

The teenager’s body in response to strong arousal triggers wet dreams. Involuntary ejaculation often occurs at night in young men between 14 and 18 years of age. The mature male body fights intense arousal with early ejaculation.

Which can lead to a lot of excitement

Problems with blood circulation and timely withdrawal of semen from the body with frequent erections form stagnation in the small pelvis, which in turn leads to inflammatory processes. Excessive arousal in men can cause the following problems:

  • inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis);
  • BPH;
  • primary and secondary infertility;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • urethritis;
  • varicocele;
  • violation of erectile function of the body;
  • early ejaculation;
  • prolonged depression.
Excessive arousal in men can lead to erectile dysfunction and depression

What to do when you are excited

Prolonged excessive arousal, culminating in sexual intercourse, passes - testicular pain with abstinence lasts no more than 3-4 hours. If the pain persists, you must contact a urologist, andrologist or sexologist. A timely diagnosis will immediately reveal the causes of the disease, and the doctor will be able to prescribe the proper treatment.

If ejaculation occurs too quickly due to prolonged abstinence, then the situation will be saved by sexual contact or self-satisfaction. If the problems are related to feelings, you will need to consult a psychologist or sexologist. It will tell you how you can detach yourself from everyday problems and stay in the moment enjoying sex.

When making a diagnosis, it is important to find out if the man has pathological problems. For this purpose, the urologist-andrologist conducts a conversation, where he learns about the symptoms of the disease. The penis is then examined and the pelvic organs, as well as the scrotum, are palpated. A more detailed picture will be given by an ultrasound examination of the organs of the male reproductive system.

Pain during abstinence can occur due to internal inflammation of the organs. To rule out inflammatory diseases, a general and bacteriological analysis of blood and urine is taken. They will identify the source of the disease, show resistance to antibacterial treatment. If there are additional symptoms, the man should undergo an additional examination:

  • Urine analysis;
  • CT, MRI or X-ray of the pelvis
  • blood test for hormones;
  • excretory urography using contrast fluid.

Treatment is prescribed after identifying the problem and making a diagnosis.

Drug treatment

Why do testicles hurt a man after arousal? The cause is often a disorder in the functioning of the male endocrine glands. Hormone therapy was then prescribed to restore testosterone levels. Anesthetics for intramuscular and intravenous therapy are prescribed to increase the duration of intercourse. It is important to do them at the time of erection, they have a cooling effect on the body. Sometimes antidepressants are prescribed along with them - for a more complete treatment.

Complex treatment can alleviate inflammation in the male genitourinary system. It includes antibacterial and antiviral drugs, antispasmodics and painkillers, antipyretics and immunomodulators.

Home remedies

You can deal with excessive excitement on your own - using the methods of traditional medicine or changing your lifestyle. The problem can disappear immediately after giving up bad habits, normalizing diet and sleep and increased physical activity. You can speed up the recovery process with the help of traditional medicine. They generally improve blood circulation in the small pelvis, relieve pain, swelling, increase immunity, relax the body and normalize the emotional state.

Testicular pain in men with excitement can be relieved with a decoction of lemon balm, clock leaves and rose hips. Such a decoction will calm the nervous system, restore the body's defenses and enrich it with minerals and vitamins. Clock leaves are good for depression, so they quickly prolong sexual intercourse. For the tincture you will need 1 tablespoon of rosehip, a clock and motherwort. Mix them well and pour over boiling water, then leave on low heat for half an hour. Drink 50 ml 2-3 times a day before meals.

Tincture of mint, motherwort and oregano has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, diuretic and tonic effects. Improves blood circulation, which results in increased erections. To prepare the tincture, you need to mix 5 g of each plant and pour them with 1 liter of boiling water. Wrap the infusion container well and place in a warm place for 20 minutes, then strain well. Take 200-250 ml in the morning and evening for two weeks.

If the testicles hurt after arousal, tincture of rosehip, canola and angelica root is considered no less useful. It contains many minerals and vitamins useful for the health of the male reproductive system. Rape normalizes the reproductive system, fights impotence, infertility, inflammation of the prostate and other diseases of the genitourinary system. Rosehip strengthens the immune system, improves kidney function, relieves inflammation. Angelica soothes, tones and strengthens the body. Cooking does not take one hour: just need to mix all the herbs in equal proportions, pour 20 g of the resulting mixture with one liter of boiling water. Leave to infuse for 25 minutes. Take one glass a day, drinking it gradually.


Excessive arousal in men can be caused by prolonged abstinence or body pathology. If treatment is not started immediately, then dysfunction of the organs of the reproductive system can occur. This often results in pain in the testicles, which makes it difficult to enjoy sexual intercourse. These consequences can be avoided by reducing the intensity of arousal. Ask your partner not to get carried away during foreplay and not to drive you to the peak of excitement. In the absence of a steady partner, do not neglect masturbation if the testicles ache from excessive arousal. It will help you get rid of unpleasant sensations.